Playing WLEN Streaming Audio.

WLEN Streaming Audio is in the Windows Media format. We strongly recommend using Windows Media Player version 9 or higher. This can be downloaded for free from Micorsoft's website. Other players that can work on PC's are:

  - Windows Media Player for MAC
  - RealPlayer
  - Winamp

Mobile devices can also play the live stream. The two apps listed below have been tested, but there may be others that will work:

  - Fstream
  - Pocket Tunes

With these players, you will need to enter the link to our stream manually. The easiest thing to do is add our link as a favorite in your app. Please note that these links will also work for the desktop programs above.

For Fstream, use following links:
  - Channel 1 link: mms://
  - Channel 2 link: mms://

For Pocket Tunes, use the following links:
  - Channel 1 link:
  - Channel 2 link: